Turn to a trusted prenatal chiropractor in Odessa, TX

Experience a Healthier Pregnancy

A healthy pregnancy is essential for you and your baby. The prenatal chiropractor at Rowland Chiropractic Clinic, PC provides gentle chiropractic care in Odessa, TX. Our chiropractor uses a no-crunch technique that's safe and gentle without the intensity of normal chiropractic care. Thanks to our methodology, you can experience relief from pregnancy pains and nausea while enhancing the postpartum recovery process.

If you're ready for a better, more stable pregnancy, talk to our prenatal chiropractor today.

The benefits of prenatal chiropractic care

Working with a pregnancy chiropractor comes with many benefits. Regular appointments can help you:

  • Control nausea
  • Reduce the time of labor and delivery
  • Balance your pelvis
  • Avoid the need for a Cesarian section
  • Relieve back, neck and joint pains
  • Expedite the postpartum recovery process

Dr. Rowland is an experienced pregnancy chiropractor who's ready to improve your pregnancy. Learn more about our treatment methods by calling 432-617-4564 today.

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