Vertigo is dizziness, the sensation that the room or world is spinning.

Common treatments include exercises, such as the Eply maneuver, which involves laying down and tilting the head in different directions. It sometimes works. Medication may also help cover the symptoms. Dr. Rowland has discovered a revolutionary way, based on the pioneering work of Dr. Phyllis Book's ADD and dyslexia care, to reduce vertigo and often make it go completely away.

He uses a spot called the Visual Righting Reflex point, connecting it with various acupuncture and other points on the head.

It often provides instant relief. As an example, one day Dr. Rowland was talking with a surgeon when his nurse said,

"There's someone on the phone who wants to know if you treat vertigo." The surgeon said no. I told the nurse to give her my number. Soon the patient was in my office, so dizzy that it took two people to walk her down the hall. She'd been that way for three days, and nothing had helped. Twenty minutes later she walked out the door with only one person for support. A second treatment reduced the dizziness by two-thirds. A third treatment eliminated it all together. It never came back.

While results may vary, this treatment seems to accomplish what no other treatment can.

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