Welcome to Rowland Chiropractic

Home of "Chiropractic Without the Crunch"!

Conveniently located in Santa Fe Square shopping center on 42nd street, across from Target.

"Chiropractic without the crunch" means care without the twisting, crunching and popping usually associated with chiropractic.

We instead use gentle finger pressure to direct the body to change. This eliminates much of the discomfort sometimes felt during chiropractic adjustments.

Most patients come because their necks or low backs hurt.  Then they find we can usually help their other issues – whether they’re migraines, stiff shoulders, numb hands and fingers, painful knees or sore feet.

"Chiropractic without the Crunch" works very well on any body size or type, but it's ideal for the elderly, children and the frail.

Other services include DOT physicals, TBM (Total Body Modification) care for allergies, and Footleveler orthotics.

We are also an Ideal Protein diet center.