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When you're searching for a chiropractor, you want to find an experienced practitioner who cares about your well-being. Rowland Chiropractic Clinic, PC is the clinic you need for high-quality care. Rowland Chiropractic Clinic, PC provides pregnancy care, elderly care, and services for babies and children.

We have decades of experience working with all body types, and our "chiropractic without the crunch" approach is a great choice for the elderly and children. If you're a part a of the industrial workforce, we know how to take care of your health-despite your long workdays.

As a veteran-owned practice, we care for our community. We're preferred providers of chiropractic care for the VA in Odessa, TX.

If you are a veteran please contact our office for more information on how to get care through the VA. We're ready to ease your pain. Call 432-617-4564 now to get in contact with our office staff.

Developing a unique style of treatment

Visiting your chiropractor shouldn't be stressful.

Over our 20-year history, we've developed a treatment style that makes your comfort a priority. We'll take care of you by providing:

Comfortable treatment-we focus on "chiropractic without the crunch"
Experienced service-we draw on 20+ years of practicing chiropractic experience for every appointment
Quality care-our chiropractor is an Odessa native and cares deeply for our community

We're proud of our "chiropractic without the crunch" approach. This means that we provide adjustments without the usual pops, twisting and crunches that make service uncomfortable.

Visit our chiropractic clinic today to try our gentle approach to treatment.

Whether you need a full chiropractic adjustment or a quick test, we know how to meet your needs. To start making your body feel better, call us now, (432) 617-4564. We even offer DOT Physical Exams!


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Our goal at Rowland Chiropractic Clinic is to provide highly cost-effective and medically-effective care. Therefore, we price our services to be as affordable as possible.

We pride ourselves on getting our patients well as quickly and at the least expense as possible.

In order to keep our prices low, we do not accept insurance. Our services are often not much more than many insurance plan co-pays. We have also found that most insurance plans have such high deductibles that they frequently don't pay for care, anyway.

We are a non-participating Medicare provider. We file your visit with Medicare for reimbursement to you from Medicare

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Please note that I don't ever claim to work miracles or be a magician - just a very competent chiropractor and body worker. Some of my patients seem to think so, though.