Soft Tissue Work

Dr. Rowland's background as a massage therapist influences his chiropractic work. Knots and spasms in the muscles cause their own problems, and slow or stop healing. Spasms result from trauma to the muscles as hits or falls, or from pressure on the nerves supplying the muscles. Knots can be anywhere, but big examples include ones in the bun muscles, causing pain running down the leg and knots in the forearm muscle causing tingling in the fingers.

The covering of the muscles, called fascia, is much like saran wrap. It can stick to itself or the fascia of other muscles. This creates a little knot called an adhesion, or trigger point. Trigger points can cause pain at that point or elsewhere, called referred pain.

Trigger points and adhesion also restrict movement. A classic example of this is when the shoulder can't move fully because the shoulder blade is literally stuck.

Dr. Rowland and his staff use the powerful Vibracussor massager to breakup knots and adhesions. They also use it to relax and loosen up the body before adjustments.

The combination of soft tissue work and joint adjustments provides the fastest fix to many problems.

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