Rowland Chiropractic now treats tinnitus!

Tinnitus, or ringing in the ears, can be distressing.

It ranges from a mild buzz to a chorus of crickets to a roar that blocks out other sounds. It affects 15 to 20% of people, especially older adults. A common cause of tinnitus is loud noises. Most military veterans and people who work around loud machinery have tinnitus to some degree.

Common treatments include devices to mask the noise with other noise, or the advice "Just learn to live with it." Until now.

Think of an old-fashioned radio - one with wires and tubes. The wires get loose and corroded, the insulation cracked. The tubes get dusty and loose. Clean and tighten everything up and the static goes away. The sound is clear again. That's an analogy to what Dr. Rowland does.

He discovered that deep work on certain areas around the skull and jaw can often drastically reduce, or even fully eliminate, many cases of tinnitus!

A typical treatment lasts only a few minutes. Normally there's significant improvement on the first visit. A handful of treatments usually does the job. If you suffer from ringing in the ears, call for a consultation.

We're so convinced that we can help that we offer a money-back guarantee!

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